C Poetry 
Nick: Waterhose

Big Saturday Night for the Hack

The clickity-clack filled the hall of the library studies.
The programmers spent their nights as hosts for MUD-dies.
The fury of their efforts shook the windows and doors.
A legion of maniacs possesed, 
and soon employed by Standard and Poor's.

Tonight, let the programmers have some merriment.
For Monday comes and they walk wearing shoes of cement.
From the youthful young hack to the tired old.
Remember not all food in the fridge is bad, when covered with mold.

Some drink coffee, and, some tea. 
Some wear lab coats in the comp room..to fend off the chilly.
Some smoke outside, but claim to not inhale 
but I seen them with some people from #C passing around a big nail.

Hacking through the week, we cause undue stress.
Our bodies are wracked with caffeine jones and sleeplessness.
Our brains ablaze from full neuron explosions.
At times deep in thought as they quietly pick their noses.

We write code in the john and in front of the TV.
Sometimes writing in asm for job security.
Hack, Hack, Hack..Hack,Hack,Hack,Hack.
"I gotta get a different chair, this one's hurting my back."

Lets leave these hard working programmers to their own.
Its saturday night and they'll prolly #news some pr0n.
Be kind to the lowly programmer who's writing good code,
for all your accesses can be denied from chmod.

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