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I live in Bedford, Texas. I currently work for Cytware Corporation (client-site computer security and control software) as the Web Development Manager and Systems Security Consultant. Mainly I code CGI's but every once in a while they put me on a production-level project (usually client-server TCP/IP programming). I maintain my own personal site that is dedicated to my group of computer security specialist friends. That site consits of my own personal LAN in my apartment ( a couple of linux boxes, a Win95 machine, hub, Terminal server and various dumbterms ). My email address is currently either druid@caughq.org or dusty@cytware.com.

I began programming when I was 8 years old, on an Atari 800XL in BASIC. Since then I have learned just about every version of Basic known to man (My favorite being GFA Basic based on cross-platform portability), multiple versions of Pascal, Perl, various scripting languages, and I have recently picked up C (regretting that I had not looked at C sooner, it rocks). I also like to learn new things about Systems Administration in various unix environments and do as much as I can on my personal LAN. In closing, I just want to stat that no, I'm not a hacker. I'm a Computer Security Enthusiast. (: