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May 13, 1997

Table of Contents

Introduction                                    by Moe Elzubeir
OOP in C                                        by Brian Spilsbury
Forays into Client/Server                       by Joseph Ottinger
Linked Lists - An Introduction                  by Chad Knudson
MFC Adventures                                  by Aaron Edmonds
A Product Registration Technique                by Kerry D. Mathews
C and the portability issue                     by Brent York
Programming Structure and Style                 by Brent York
Svgalib Primer                                  by Brent York
Pointers - A Better Understanding               by Moe Elzubeir

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // 1. Introduction // // By: Moe Elzubeir [Editor] // // AKA kuru @Efnet #c // // Email: moe@bigger.com // /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Some time ago on irc @Efnet #c, we were just getting bored, and it came up, the idea of an ezine. I started putting things together and organizing things, and all of a sudden, here, we have a new ezine. It's small, it's not well thought out, but hey, it's the first issue. You will also notice that I, the editor, have only written a single article. You might even wonder, why. The reason is basically that I have had so many ezines before, and I always end up writing 90% of the ezine. So, this time, I have decided not to write a single article for the first issue. So, I can actually see actual contributions. And, well, I did succeed (sort of). Next issue, even the editor will write C Scene is not only about C. It's about all C "flavors" (C/C++/VC++/etc). And even language extensions. We might even start having other contributions about other languages, but that is to come later. I want to concentrate on a C related ezine. I have first thought, I want something professional, and headed on to the intermediate-advanced programmer. But now I think, hey, we can have a little for everyone. Strike a balance. Alright, I don't need to bore you with intro's and other stuff you aren't really interested in. It's time to get into some real action. So, enjoy the ride. And most importantly, CONTRIBUTE! If you wish to view or keep the articles and source code but do not wish to continue viewing it in HTML format, you can download the ascii version. Moe Elzubeir editor

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