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C S C E N E 0 2

August 27, 1997

Table of Contents

Introduction by Moe Elzubeir, Brent York, and Chad Loder
Const Correctness by Chad Loder
Debugging your programs by Kerry D Mathews II
Not all Daemons and Demons by Kerry D Mathews II
The Wonderful World of Winsock by Aaron Edmonds
Interfacing ASM with C by Moe Elzubier
Interfacing C++ with C by Brent York
Interfacing TCL with C by Ungod
A Stack implementation in C by Wendall Marvel
Multifile projects, GNU Make by George Foot
Lossless Wavelet transforms by Paul Brannan
CGI Tutorial by Brent York
BSD Sockets Tutorial by Stephen Pendleton
Server Design in C by Shadows
Using Resources in Win32 Coding by Robert Bresner

Specialty section:

Issue 2 is also available in ASCII format in a zip file


By: Moe Elzubeir (aka kuru), Brent York (aka ThaDragon), and Chad Loder (aka possible)

Well, this certainly got out late, there are lots of reasons, but mostly we've had the worst luck an e-mag can have. I (Brent) lost my harddrive to a crash, (so did kuru later on ;}). We had to wait for MANY people to finish writing articles, and on top of all that, I (Brent) have a (sort of) job, and jobs come first.

Enjoy the second issue, sorry about the wait, and we will do our best to get it out on time in the future!

-----------------------------Moe Elzubeir

-----------------------------Brent York


There have been some minor formatting changes, away from some <PRE> formatting style and towards real HTML. This issue was given to me so I could do last minute proofreading, formatting, and organizing - I have taken the liberty of making some formatting modifications. The original reason for the straight text formatting was so that we could support text-based browsers like Lynx. While this is an admirable goal, I think we need to realize that Lynx is an HTML browser - it does a very good job of formatting HTML to be readable on a CRT screen. So, if Lynx can handle HTML formatting, why write everything in plaintext? Most of the articles are still in plaintext (because formatting C code is a pain). Hope you like the facelift. -------------------------------------------Chad Loder

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