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June 25, 1998

Table of Contents

Introduction by Moe Elzubeir
Parallel Port Programming by Moe Elzubeir
Simple File Encryption using a One-Time-Pad and Exclusive OR by Glen E. Gardner, Jr.
Interfacing Java with C in Linux by Dana M. Epp
Port from DOS/UNIX C code to WIN32 Easily by Kerry D. Mathews II
Pipes in Unix by Cameron Zwarich
Process Persona in Unix by Cameron Zwarich
Object Oriented Programming Intro by Noah Roberts

Specialty Sections:

CScene is no longer available in ASCII or any other format. Sorry.


Finally, after a struggle, we can now present you with issue #04 of your favorite web C/C++ programming magazine.

Before you go on reading, I have a few points I would like to stress on. One of the hardest things to do is to push people into doing things that won't benefit them (we're being very materialistic here). In other words, if I'm not paying you, there is very little chance you will want to write an article for me. The same goes from your side. If I'm not benefitting from this, you shouldn't expect me to be prompt about my deadlines, among other things. Don't misunderstand me, I don't mean to say that I don't intend to be prompt. But, if you do not contribute, you shouldn't expect me to be able to present you with anything. This is a give and take kind of thing, one shouldn't always expect to take.

Also, there are many people who would write me (or /msg me) promising to deliver an article on this and that, by this time and that time. Of course, a majority of those people just never send any work at any given time. Running after those people (and no need to mention names, because you all know who you are) and begging them for their contributions has no exciting results.

Is that the only reason CScene is always late? Of course not. There are problems from my side too. I have a lot of other responsibilities I have to attend to. The CScene staff has been disorganized, and chaotic at times. I decided to change everything. From now on, there is only one editor, and that would be me. I manage the whole magazine. Other people can be 'staff' but there will be no 'assistant-editor' etc. It has been my experience that the more head figures you have, the more disorganized the whole organization is. Specially when there is no money involved. As we all know, this is a free magazine. The authors receive nothing but a thank you notice from us, and other readers who have benefited from their work.

Donations would be more than appreciated. I have been contemplating putting banners and other advertisements on the CScene web page, to cover for the expenses, and perhaps pay the authors a little something that could push some others write. Due to the fact that I hate banners, I have been deciding against it for months now. Reader feed-back is more than welcome on that.

The articles presented here are not guaranteed to be error free. I try my best to edit articles, and enure quality. Then again, I cannot invest as much time as other editors of pay magazines do, as this is just voluntary work, and often things have to be rushed. I am a full time student, working part-time, AND editing this magazine. I surely don't have most of the 24hrs to do things that I would like to do.

Starting from now and on, there will be no delays. If by the deadline for issue #05 I do not receive enough articles, I'm afraid CScene will have to go down. I have no intentions to pursue something that is not pursued by the general public. If no one has enough interest in it, then there is no point in me wasting my time doing it. I could be well off doing something else that could earn me money for my education.

"But, I have never written any articles before.." I hear you say. Well, most of the people who write to CScene are not journalists, and neither have they taken Tech writing courses, or what have you. You can already see that it is not written as professionally as I would like it to be. Authors ages range from 14 to 45 (so far). All that is required is that you have a decent grip on the English language, and a good understanding of what you will be writing about.

Anyways, enjoy the magazine as long as it lasts. It won't last without your support, and it's your support that I seek.

Thank you.

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