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March 16, 1999

Table of Contents

Introduction by David Stiles
C/C++ Coding Style. by Toby Opferman
Understanding Recursion: Part I. by Glen E. Gardner, Jr.
Callbacks in C++: The OO Way. by Jürgen Hermann
CGI Bits & Pieces #2. by Jürgen Hermann
A First Look at Objective-C. by Noah Roberts
Making use of the ICCCM Pt1: Requestor Side Selections. by Noah Roberts

Specialty Sections:

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   I am pleased to announce the release of Issue #7 despite all of the difficulties
we have faced with this issue. We have several good articles in this issue. Specifically,
i would like to direct your attention to CGI Bits & Pieces #2. We will be using the code
from that article in future issues of C Scene for your benefit in some of the new areas.
   C Scene is going through many changes right now. We will have a NEWS section for
the people who want to know the latest issues concerning C programming. In that section,
YOU will be able to submit news items/urls for everyone to see. We will also be changing
the format of C Scene. I have received many ideas and I am currently weighing all of the
excellent options that have been presented. These changes and more will be implemented in
the next issue. We have also made some important changes to the Submission Guidelines.
Please read them to help us avoid copyright issues.
   I have appointed Glen Gardner, a person who has submitted many articles, as the temporary
executive editor of C Scene. I am in the US Navy and am reporting for arduous duty aboard
the USS Peleliu, LHA 5. My primary duties are to the Navy so i will not have much time to
handle C Scene. I will have the groundwork for the new format of C Scene laid out for Glen
before I leave. Good luck Glen! :)

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