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November 14, 1998

Table of Contents

Introduction by David Stiles
Termios Functions. by Christian Sunesson
Introduction to Protocol Independence. by Jonathan Kennedy
Protocol Independence #2. by Jonathan Kennedy
A 2d Maze Engine. by Glen E. Gardner, Jr.
2D Objects in OpenGL. by Glen E. Gardner, Jr.
Sending Image Files via CGI. by Jürgen Hermann
Optimization Techniques - Part II. by Steve Mertz

Specialty Sections:

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   Welcome to issue #6 of CScene. We have a new editor for this issue, me.
Our previous editor has a sincere need to concetrate on his studies. I
hope he does as well on his studies as he did with previous issues of
Cscene. My name is David Stiles, aka megaton on efnet irc channel #c, and
I hope to continue the legacy of publishing a fine magazine.

   We have several excellent articles to deliver to you with this new issue.
Our first article is a short, but very useful article on termios functions.
I am quite pleased that Nossenus has submitted this article since we get a
LOT of questions about this type of terminal I/O. Thank you Nossenus.

   The next 2 articles have been submitted by an aspiring progammer who
goes by the nickname of Amalgam. He covers a method of writing programs
that use a tcp/ip stack that is compatible with current and proposed
standards. It sounds like quite a task but Amalgam will help us through.

   Our good friend Aegis` has submitted two articles also. The first one
is a neat method of creating a 2d maze type world. His second article
is also about 2d things but this time, it is about OpenGL creations. Keep
up the great work Aegis`, learning graphics can be pretty tough.

   We have a German correspondent who is providing us with a column based
on useful cgi programs in C++. Installment #1 is here for your perusal.
Snibril is our resident C++ expert so C++ questions are guaranteed to
have quality answers. I am personally excited to see the rest of his cgi
programming tips. I have had some hard drive problems recently so I have
temporarily lost one of his articles. It will be available in our next
issue. I apologise Snibril.

   Steve Mertz, aka Setz, has been gracious enough to offer us a follow-up
article to his Optimizations article. He received lots of feed-back and
has used it in this new article, which I hope you will enjoy. I hope
everyones uses the knowledge that you pass on so we can all use programs
which are fast and efficient.

   Enough of the chatter already! It is time to dig into another wonderful
issue of CScene. We all hope you enjoy and learn from issue #6. Thank you.

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